Random: Smash Bros. Melee HD Unlikely To Happen, According To Former Nintendo Employees

Random: Smash Bros. Melee HD Unlikely To Happen, According To Former Nintendo Employees

Image: Nintendo

There have been a lot of requests over the years for Nintendo to revive the GameCube hit Super Smash Bros. Melee, but according to former Nintendo employees Kit & Krysta, it probably won’t happen. In a recent episode of their podcast, the pair responded to a question asking about the possibility of Smash Bros. Melee in HD – completely ruling out the idea of it.

Krysta is confident “it’s absolutely 100% never gonna happen”, with Kit reiterating this – stating how Melee was a “Mother 3-level game” at Nintendo, where if it was mentioned, “you [would] kind of tense up”. Apparently, the perception of Melee “inside Nintendo” and having to deal with it was considered to be a “nightmare”.

Krysta: “There are so many negative things from a Nintendo perspective around Melee that it’s just like… now it has the ‘black market emulation’ around it and all this other stuff that Nintendo does not like…”

Kit added how the Melee community would likely not respond well to changes if a new version was given the greenlight:

Kit: “I think one of the reasons not to do this game is how annoying the community would be around it. If you change even one minuscule detail about this game, it’d be like ‘Oh, this game is not viable.’

Krysta: “There’s no way you can satisfy the zealousness of that community and I think Nintendo totally knows that.”

The pair seems to think a game like this would only cause Nintendo “more headaches” and mentioned how Nintendo’s best approach was to just “sweep it under the rug” – where you “don’t talk about Melee”, you let the community do its own thing, and you “move on”.

What are your own thoughts about a Smash Melee revival? Would you like to see this GameCube brawler make a comeback in some way or form one day? Tell us in the comments!