Real-time reflections prove to be not science fiction

Time reflections sound like science fiction, but they were just proven to be real

Scientists from the Advanced Science Research Center at the City University of New York have successfully observed the existence of time reflections, an intriguing mechanic in the realm of quantum mechanics, that has eluded discovery for over 50 years. Time reflections occur when an entire medium, in which an electromagnetic wave travels, completely changes course, causing a part of the wave to reverse and transform its frequency. The discovery is a huge step forward in the study of quantum mechanics and could change the way some scientists approach this area in the future. The researchers published their findings in the journal Nature Physics. Although these reflections require a uniform variation across the electromagnetic field, the researchers managed to accomplish the feat by sending broadband signals through a strip of metal filled with electronic switches connected to reservoir capacitors. The sudden change increased the impedance, which then caused the signals to carry time reflections successfully. Unlike spatial reflections, time reflections echo the last part of the signal first, meaning if one was to look into a time mirror, they would see their back instead of their face. Proving the existence of time reflections may inspire additional breakthroughs in the field of quantum mechanics.