Rebuilding After Devastation: Popular Upper Bucks Business Reopens After Fire Ravages Shop in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Rising from the ashes: Well-known upper Bucks business rebuilds, reopens after fire destroyed shop | Southeastern Pennsylvania

A renowned business in upper Bucks County has been reborn from the ashes. Vanderlely’s Truck Sales and Service in Ottsville was destroyed by a fire in 2021, but the determined family business worked tirelessly over the next year-and-a-half to rebuild. Family and friends gathered at the shop Saturday to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the grand re-opening. Tom Vanderlely III, who remembered the night of the fire, said, “All our friends and family watched it burn to the ground there was nothing you could do.” But the Vanderlely family was determined to restore their legacy, brick by brick and with the help of a supportive community. Tom Vanderlely Sr., the Owner of Vanderlely’s Truck Sales & Service, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. We have a lot of loyal customers. We jumped a lot of hoops, and here it is.” Saturday marked a new beginning for the family business, now filled with a lot of love. Tom thanked everyone for their support, saying, “Thanks to everybody for coming and really standing by us. Never walking away.”