The Revenant will try to end Kratos at all costs

Over the last few days, Santa Monica and Sony Interactive Entertainment have introduced us to several creatures that will populate the world of God of War. If you expected more from this series of videos, you will be glad to know that there is a new one that introduces us to the Revenant. Like the rest of the monsters, these creatures are part of the Norse mythology.

Reveal one more God of War bestiary creature

The Revenant are a species of spectral beings, which are characterized by their high magical power. These creatures will seek to end Kratos using his great abilities throughout his adventure. Although the video does not show us the final appearance of this enemy, it does allow us to take a look at the incredible designs of Santa Monica.

The advance follows the same line as the previous ones, so we see the book The Lost Pages of the Norse Myth, which contains the bestiary of God of War. The Revenant will look rather sinister, with animal remains like clothing. Here is the breakthrough:

This week we also met the fire troll, as well as the Draugr, who is a kind of living dead like the Revenant. Also, Sony shared new catches that show some ruins in Midgard.

God of War will debut in early 2018 as exclusive to PlayStation 4. The title will feature a new development system that will change the game mechanics. Amazon listed a Digital Deluxe Edition of this delivery, check here its content and price. In this link you will find all the news related to God of War.

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