The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel, said in an interview with the “World” that he had no contact with his Russian counterpart.

General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, responded to questions from the World at the International Security Forum in Halifax, November 18-20.

Not to mention even the bombing of Aleppo, Russia has increased in recent days demonstrations of military strength: at sea, where submarines have been spotted in northern Europe; In the air, with bombers near French space; And on the Syrian front, with a shooting missile cruise from the Black Sea. Do you think that Moscow will take advantage of the presidential transition in the United States to test NATO?

Russia wants to influence public opinion of NATO countries

This is an important issue in this period. The military capabilities of Russia are constantly increasing and the Russian presence including underwater, increases. We must look beyond these events. Russia wants to demonstrate that it possesses a military power that must be respected, and which serves a foreign policy purpose, to return to the international scene. Thus the deployment of the carrier group around the Kuznetsov off Syria does not demonstrate a hostile intention, but a global capacity of Russia, and its means to conduct autonomous operations when it decides.

I do not think the purpose of Russia’s foreign policy at this moment is to destroy the image of a constructive actor that it claims on the international scene. If its interest is to become a serious global player again, any aggressive action during this period of transition would be …

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