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EDITOR’S NOTE: The video above, podcast below and, below that, the edited excerpt of an article by Mike and Jennifer Wendland, creators of the RV Lifestyle websitepodcast and YouTube channel, in which they discuss what it’s like to spend Christmas in an RV, either moochdocking with friends and family or hunkered down in a campground or Snowbird resort in a warm climate.

Whether staying in a campground over the holidays or traveling, a lot of RVers are on the road, camping or having fun with their RVs in other ways.

We did that ourselves a while back, taking our RV to Frankenmuth, Michigan and visiting the World’s Largest Christmas Store… Bronners Christmas Wonderland. There the staff pitched in and turned our Class B van at the time into a Christmas work of art. They even gave Tai, the dog we had at the time, a Christmas makeover. It was so much fun.

We love Bronners. And we’re not alone. They draw a crowd of 50,000 on the weekend after Thanksgiving each year.

But what about campers spending Christmas in an RV?

Many campgrounds throughout the country hold special Christmas activities.

Each year we hear of various campgrounds celebrating the holidays by holding RV decorating contests, Christmas-themed golf cart parades, holiday crafts, and other special activities. We thought it would be fun in this Christmas week edition of the podcast to share some of the more unique experiences still going on now that caught our eye.

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