Santos represents the worst of American politics

Santos represents the worst of American politics

(NewsNation) — Prosecutors have launched an investigation into U.S. Rep.-elect George Santos after revelations that he lied about his heritage, education and career.

Conservative talk show host Bill Cunningham admitted that Santos is “no different” than Democrats on “CUOMO” Wednesday night, but not without deflecting to Democratic politicians’ flaws.

“At the rate he’s (Santos) going, he’s going to be a chairman of a committee. In fact, at some point, he might become the president,” Cunningham said.

NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo challenged Cunningham after he continued to deflect any negative attention toward the Republican Party onto Democrats instead of solely addressing Santo’s admission to lying, causing the conversation between the two to escalate into a heated argument.

Cunningham ranted about Democratic politicians lying, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, even though Cuomo had asked his view on Santos, not the opposing party.

Cuomo disputed the allegations Cunningham was making, and while Cunningham was passionate about supporting his political party, he did admit that Santos represents the worst part of politics in America.

“But let’s face it, George Santos represents American politics, the worst parts of American politics,” Cunningham said. “But he’s no different than Hakeem Jeffries, the leader of the House Democrats, who is an election denier no different than Hillary Clinton, who said a couple of years ago, President Trump was not legitimately elected.”

Cuomo called Cunningham out for not being able to discuss Santos without deflecting the conversation onto other Democratic politicians.

“Everything I’m saying is demonstrable,” Cuomo said. “This guy lied about material things. You said ‘well, so did this guy.’ That’s why our politics suck, Bill. You don’t want better from anybody.”

“If Santos were a Democrat, your hair would be on fire right now. And you know it,” Cuomo said.

Cunningham deflected Cuomo’s comment, claiming he doesn’t worry about the peccadilloes in comparison to policy.

Cuomo told Cunningham that he was part of the problem in today’s politics. He said that Cunningham spent the last few minutes deflecting the reality of the Santos situation by calling out discrepancies with the opposite party’s politicians.

“The day that we get sick of playing the game of ‘who is worse’ is the day that things start to get better,” Cuomo said.

He concluded the interview by challenging Cunningham to say things aren’t right if they aren’t, instead of feeding into what is wrong.

Watch Bill Cunningham’s interview on CUOMO in the video player above.