On Monday, Egyptian fighter planes gone for airstrikes second time over ISIS in Libya in revenge of slaughtering 21 Christians by ISIS forces. The military force of Egypt claimed that, the air attacks hit on ISIS camps, training and weapon areas. In a statement, the Egyptian military claimed, ”Punishing murderers and criminals is our prime right and duty. ” The Foreign Ministry of Egypt has been ensured that the air attack was held on ISIS points of Derna. The ministry has further claimed that leaving the current situation of Libya as it is without taking any firm action against such fanatic organizations will lead the entire world towards lack of security and peace.

Air Attack on ISIS in LibyaInitially it can’t be traced that how much damage has been made by the air attack of the Egyptian army. The air attack decision came after the video of slaughtering 21 Christians by ISIS forces spread via internet on last Sunday. The video has shown the mass killing of Christians all were in orange jumpsuits and the ISIS forces were standing in black after each victim. About 21 Christian people have been kidnapped in December and January. They were from local villages and went to Libya in search of work.

The five minute video involved a masked English Speaking Jihadi mentioned, “by swear of Allah, the sea in which you have hidden Osama bin Laden’s body, we will mix there your blood too.” The video provides a threat to Egypt that shares a quite long border with Libya, and also to Europe, whose shore lies across the Mediterranean Sea.