Shenmue 3 Screenshots – To step up their game after the last year’s announcement, Yu Suzuki made another announcement revealing that their project which is worth $6.3 million is still under process. They used handful of screenshots to make support their announcement. Suzuki along with their entire team was present at MAGIC, Monaco Anime Game International Conferences to give their presentation.

3 different screenshots of the Shenmue 3 was part of the presentation while they admitted that they are still working on it to bring an even better result. Looking at the screenshots, it is obvious that Suzuki and their team are working extremely efficiently on their game. The environments of the game are very beautiful and a lot of attention is given to the details. The entire work is pretty impressive considering its not been long since company started working on this game.

New Shenmue 3 Screens & Weather/Fishing Area Clips

Suzuki managed to create a new world record of being the highest funded video game. Initially, the campaign had a tentative goal of almost $2 million. The company managed to earn their original goal in literally no time. Today, the new and final total of the game has crossed $6 million.

Shenmue 3 Release Date

The release date of the game remains the same i.e. December 2017.

Off screen footage of Shenmue 3 taken at the Monaco Anime Games International Conferences (MAGIC) have landed on the internet. So have some lovely new screenshots.

The short videos taken from the audience by Shenmue Dojo show off the game’s weather effects, one of the main themes and a fishing spot.

A video compiling all the clips along with the screenshots is posted above, but you can also click through the links. These will take you to Shenmue Dojo’s Twitter account, where more information from the presentation is also posted.

Shenmue 3 Check out new screenshots of the most waited 2

The new screenshots were posted on the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter page, and they are quite lovely as you will see below. Unfortunately, the one image isn’t in full resolution, but it’s still rather nice.

Shenmue 3 is slated for a 2017 release on PC and PlayStation 4, and you can still help fund the project through the Slacker Back Program via PayPal.

Shenmue 3 Check out new screenshots of the most waited 3

Shenmue fans have been forced to wait patiently for close to two decades for a new installment to the famed franchise from Yu Suzuki. Mercifully, it’s now looking like not only is the wait coming to an end, but that Shenmue 3 will more than justify the delay.

Yesterday, Suzuki’s development studio Ys Net took to Kickstarter, where he unveiled a series of screenshots for the upcoming title. The images do suggest quite a colorful game, with beautiful landscapes and Shenmue 3 lead character Shenhua Ling starring in most of the images. And while the images are indeed stunning, these are just still screenshots, and do not offer any clues as to whether Suzuki will do as promised and release his new game at a consistent (emphasis on consistent) rate of 30 FPS.



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