After one of the guards of the Sierra Leone vice president died, Vice president has decided to quarantine himself for 21 days, this makes him to join the list of the highest ranking official who have been quarantine under break of Ebola.

The Ebola cluster in Sierra Leone have been related to the capital fishing industry. With several cases being reported from the industry.

Sierra Leone Vice President Under Quarantine as Possible Exposure to EbolaThe president, with an aim of stimulating economic activity, he decided to uplift travel restrictions. The police are expected to strengthen the different check points like on ferries. The death toll in the given area has rose more than 9,600.

Sierra Leone is seen as one of the countries where the spread of Ebola is very fast. Despite the fact that the rate of Ebola spread has increased in sierra Leon, almost $5.7milliom is claimed to have been misused. The government has launched inspections.