Snow cleaning business keeping up with demand in Eau Claire

Snow cleaning business keeping up with demand in Eau Claire

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – It was a wet snowy day after a winter storm rolled by overnight in Eau Claire, bringing demand for snow removal on Thursday.

“We’ve got a lot of calls today for snow blowers, purchasing them. We’ve just been real busy today that’s for sure,” said Josh Smith, who owns Union Trailer and Power Equipment in Chippewa Falls.

He said that with the temperature hovering over freezing, it was a good day for snow clean up.

“Luckily it hasn’t frozen solid yet so you can at least get down to the black top and get it clean all the way the way down,” said Smith.

While the equipment can be upwards of a $1,000, Smith said it is worth it.

“I used mine this morning, and it throws the snow 50 feet so get it out of the way so I’m not re-doing it over and over,” said Smith.

American Yard Restoration in Eau Claire is a business that uses the equipment for their snow removal business.

“It’s pretty heard when you get this wet heavy stuff that’s for sure. The heavy stuff takes toll on the equipment and the guys, especially the guys,” said Jake Rubenzer, who co-owns the landscaping business.

He said they already have a list of clients they serve, but the demand is still high.

“We’ve been booked up for a couple of years, so we don’t really take on new clients. Today I’ve probably has 12 new ones trying to ‘hey can you swing by,” said Rubenzer. “We try out best to help them out but with the ones we have we’re so booked out. Probably 9 o’clock tonight we’ll be done done.”

Rubenzer’s business partner, Ben Bratener, has worked along with him since the wee hours of the morning.

“Started at about 2 a.m. this morning and as you can see we’re still going. It’s going to be a busy night that’s for sure.”

He added that he enjoys the hard work.

“It’s definitely a treat being out here, just being able to have all these accounts and having fun with it too.”

Smith and Rubenzer offer tips for snow blower safety and snow removal safety.

“Making sure not to put their hands inside of the auger when something plugs up or if you break a shear pin,” said Smith.

“When you get a bigger one like this, set an alarm, wake up early. Do it two or three times, so it’s not so heavy doing it at the end,” said Rubenzer.

The two owners of a landscaping business say that the key is consistency when it comes to the art snow removal.

It is tedious work, but Brantener said that trying to have some fun with could help with getting through it.

He added that it can be challenging regardless if you’re using a shovel or even a snow blower.