Sony Selling ‘Seinfeld’ to Online Service, Making it Available for Online Streaming

Sony selling ‘Seinfeld’ to Online Service, Making it Available for Online StreamingThe 1989-1998 American sitcom ‘Seinfeld’ is being sold to an online streaming service. The show, with its 9 seasons and 180 episodes will now be available for episode-by-episode streaming from a still unknown online vendor.

The vendors that are reportedly currently bidding on the show’s rights are Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo!, while Netflix officials have stated that their company is not going to participate in the race. According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix was interested in the show in 2014, but has now decided not to bid for it.

The show’s popularity was great during its first airing, but continued with re-runs and being quite popular in years to come. In fact, the show managed to generate a revenue of $2.7 billion in 2010, a decade after its last season was aired.

According to the Tech Times, the acquiring of ‘Senfield’ will certainly enhance the online ranking of whoever manages to get their hands on it.

This will certainly play a large role in being able to compete with Netflix, a company that has managed to dominate the online streaming industry for the past few years.

One of the major successes of Netflix was its 2014 purchase of rights for the incredibly popular ‘Friends’. Reports suggest that Netflix paid for each episode of the globally known sitcom an astounding half a million dollars. According to unofficial information, Sony is looking to sell ‘Seinfeld’ episodes at the same price.