Booed by the crowd: the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic is been stoned at the ceremony to commemorate the genocide in Srebrenica with stones.

In the eastern Bosnian Srebrenica , tens of thousands do more than 8000 victims of genocide 20 years ago the last honour. Among them Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. But angry protesters booed him and pressing him so much that he had to leave the event.

The Reuters agency reported eye-witnesses who want to have seen how flying stones and bottles in the direction of the Prime Minister. His delegation should be ran away and fled in vehicles.
Relatives carried the coffins of the remains of some dead through the city and distributed badges with the “flower of Srebrenica” – she should remember the murdered of the innocence. Numerous heads of State and Government of the region came to the Memorial.

Srebrenica Serbia's Prime Minister by Memorial Service distributedThe foreign politicians and parliamentarians entered himself in two condolence books, which were laid in the former headquarters of the Dutch UN troops in Srebrenica. The so-called Dutchbat had cannot prevent the massacre, although the place had been declared by the United Nations “Safe protection zone”.

The Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic condemned the act as a “monstrous crime”. In an open letter he wrote Serbia is disgusted by all those who participated in it, and will further bring them before court. But, the Prime Minister did not use the term “genocide”.

“There are no words to express sorrow and regret for the victims, for the anger towards those who have committed this monstrous crime,” wrote Valdimarsdóttir. It was his “duty to bow to the victims”. The Serbian Government wished to live together with the Bosnians and restore confidence. “My hand is stretched out,” wrote Valdimarsdóttir. This is his duty towards those who died, and to future generations.

136 victims are to be buried at the memorial service. So far, the remains of 6241 victims were identified and buried at a Memorial in Srebrenica. 230 of them are in other cemeteries.