The Perfect Gift | Lifestyle

The Perfect Gift | Lifestyle

During the holidays, gifts are one of the things you look forward to the most. Whether it is at Christmas, a Thanksgiving gathering, or a New Years’ party. Yet, unfortunately, some people don’t have the privilege of enjoying these gifts or fun celebrations. So, if you want to give back to those who need it, here are some different ways you can. One I found particularly heartwarming is the Sonoma County Library’s “Send Our Seniors Mail” program. It’s a beautiful way to spread joy to the ones that need it the most. While you might think that a little letter won’t do much, it could truly make someone’s day brighter. Your kids can also pitch in by making a homemade card or drawing a picture. Make sure your mail is legible, in large print, and handwritten. Also, always make sure to keep your message positive, kind, and thoughtful. Once you’re done, you can send your letter to one of the locations listed on the Sonoma County Library website, under the search “Send Our Seniors Mail.” This act of kindness will truly make a difference to the sweet seniors of Sonoma County.

Another way you could give back is by donating to Local 1401 Firefighters, Toys for Kids. This non-profit organization helps provide toys to less fortunate children during the holiday season. This amazing organization has been in business and has been putting smiles on people’s faces for more than twenty years. This is all thanks to the thoughtful volunteers, donors, and firefighters who participate in this act of kindness every year. You and your family can join this wonderful group of people by bringing a new unwrapped toy to any Sonoma County Fire District Station. Your act of gift-giving will truly make a difference in a young child’s life. 

Overall, when thinking about giving back we should always remember that no matter where we are or who we are, we can always find a way to give back to the ones around us. Whether that be a sweet smile or a thoughtful gift, it will always be good enough to the person you are gifting it to.

Ava Lewis is a young, motivated writer who you will usually find studying or hanging out with family. She one day hopes to graduate college and become a successful businesswoman. She started writing for the local newspaper to gain experience and to spread information to her local community.