Therrien liked what he saw of DesharnaisLast Thursday, David Desharnais found himself in the heights of the Bell Center watching his teammates play. Five days later, he nearly became the hero of a victory that would have allowed his team to add his name to the record book of the National League.

After about a month when he was unable to buy a point, Desharnais collected two in the 4-3 defeat of the Canadian overtime at the hands of the Florida Panthers.

The small center of the Canadian quickly expressed his intentions by getting a pass on the goal of Max Pacioretty at the very beginning of the game. This was the first point since 20 October.

In second, he completed a game of Andrei Markov and registered a first net since 18 October. That night, against the Pittsburgh Penguins, he had two.

“I think we are judged a lot on our statistics, and it’s nice to have a small pass on the way. It gave me wings. When you do not score or you do not get a point, it’s good for nothing, “he said.

Asked about how to get up after a game on the press gallery, Desharnais was quite direct in his answer.

“We make points. Quite simply.”

Besides, Desharnais did not want to reveal his states of mind following his withdrawal of the alignment during the visit of Los Angeles Kings.

“I have nothing to say. Whether you play well or not, it takes “stats”. And that’s what I’m trying to do. ”

If it can reassure him, Michel Therrien liked what he saw of Desharnais Tuesday night.

“I found him very engaged. He skated, he was fast on the puck. It is hockey that he needs to play if he wants to be successful. He did well tonight. He had a good game. “

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