Several thousand people of Russia are set to take to the streets in Moscow in honor of the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was killed on Friday night. He was scheduled to lead a protest march of the opposition to protest against the policies of President Putin, and adventure of Russia in east Ukraine. The allies of Nemtsov have termed his murder a political killing due to his criticism of Putin’s policies especially with respect to Ukraine conflict. Supporters of the opposition are scheduled to assemble in the central Moscow on Sunday at around 14.00 (local time) prior to marching to the spot where Nemtsov was shot dead on Great Moskvoretsky Bridge. The authorities of the Moscow city had previously granted permission for the march of 50000 people, but following the murder, a lot more people than originally anticipated are likely to participate.

Thousands Likely to March to Moscow to Mourn Boris Nemtsov’s KillingFlowers piled up on the spot over the bridge all through Saturday where Nemtsov was killed . Placards decried the government approach to opposition which was being decimated systematically. Some placards read” They were afraid of you, Boris” and “He died for the future of Russia”. People believed that the death of Boris Nemtsov had been a revenge killing. Many opposition leaders believed, as per the BBC, that the people of Russia should strive hard to end hate campaign against the opposition to bring about changes in China failing which the country would head for chaos, conflict, and civil unrest.

Many of friends of Nemtsov believed he was murdered for daring to speak against corruption, conflict in Ukraine, and for good of the Russian people. Russia had come to such a passé that critics were labeled as traitors, and done to death. In the death of Boris Nemtsov, the sharpest voice of dissent and criticism has been silenced.