The supporters of the conservatives are voting this Sunday. Their candidate for the 2017 presidential election

Who inherits in half a year of France’s President François Hollande (62)?

In the face of the unfortunate years since his election in 2012, only the outsider’s chances are given to the owner (if he wants to know it at all).
On the other hand, it is more likely a conservative candidate, which would be a favorite in the election in April and May 2017.

Today Candidate Choice In France Sarko beats Trump sound

But who is going to race in France’s “Republicans”? At the end of this month, they will elect their candidates for the presidential election in an open election for all French speakers.

The first of the two rounds will be rising today; A half-loadable result from the more than 10,000 election locations can not be expected before the later evening.
Because the polls are very tight and – as the “Brexit” and the election victory Donald Trumps (70) showed – too uncertain.
The vote of a decisive character is unique to France: “Civil rights” have never sought their candidates in this democratic way.

Another special feature: Every “supporter” (or who is spending it for it …) can participate for as little as two euros.
The exit is also very important for Germany. After all, it is about our most important partner in the EU.
The winner will have the best chances to move into the Paris Elysée Palace. In a selection, he would be the clear favorite – then probably against right-wing populist Marine Le Pen.

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