Last night was a great night for the follower of Lip Sync Battle since they witness an organization which Gigi Hadid was against Tyler Posey. The star of the Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey was very good at what he was doing and you could easily feel that everything was under his control. He was the winner in the Lip Sync Battle against Gigi Hadid and he did this easily. The famous star was really comfortable right in front of the crowd and this advantage brought him the win. They have sang a couple of songs and the winner is determined by the crowd so this was a true win.

ler Posey certainly paid his Lip Sync Battle dues last night when he went up against lovely model Gigi Hadid on the Spike series.

The Teen Wolf star is no stranger when it comes to completely hamming it up on camera or performing in front of a crowd — heck, we could spend hours gazing at the onscreen Alpha as he strums sweet Blink-182 melodies on the guitar. *swoon*

As such, Posey certainly held his own when crawling around on the Lip Sync Battle stage throughout a flawless rendition of his childhood staple, Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta.” But his epic performance to “Take On Me” by a-ha (pencil sketches, James Dean hair and all) had serious competition courtesy of Hadid’s “Larger Than Life” Backstreet Boys setup.

If you ask us, Hadid had an unfair advantage over Posey and his leather jacket — aka Nick Carter, AJ McLean and a mad-sexy, head-to-toe pleather catsuit. Perhaps TyPo should don a wig and cover Beyoncé à la Channing Tatum next time.

Catch one of Posey’s performances below, watch the entire episode here and tell us — do you think he should have taken home the giant LSB belt?

Tyler Posey Beat Gigi Hadid on Lip Sync Battle

What is Lip Sync Battle’s target demographic group? It’s a question I find myself asking, as week to week, the show’s producers present an increasingly random assortment of celebrities, with last week’s matchup between fifth lead of The Expendables Randy Couture and Gabriel Iglesias scraping a new, exciting low. So it should come as no surprise that this week we’re hitting the tween demographic in an episode between Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and model, Instagram star, and Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid. They are two very good-looking young people who will probably rule the world one day. Until then, here they are in the divot of the Lip Sync Battle season.

Tyler Posey Beat Gigi Hadid on Lip Sync Battle 2



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