The U.S. and Iran are scheduled to resume their talk on nuclear issue on Sunday in Switzerland during which they will strive hard to start closing in the tortuous negotiations going on for the last 18 months. With the time running short and tempers fraying in Washington, it is incumbent upon both countries to give the negotiations a final shape. Critics in Washington fret and fume apprehending the ongoing negotiations to be inadequate in preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear arsenal.

John Kerry, US Secretary of State, who is scheduled to meet his Iranian counterpart in Lausanne in Switzerland later tried to ally such apprehensions by saying that the US was concentrating not on getting a deal, but a right deal. The target had been to devise an outline of an agreement with which Iran, and six other world powers including the U.S., China, Russia, Germany, and France were all in agreement. The time for agreeing to the outline had been fixed as 31st March. For finalization of details the time limit was 1st July 2015, he added.

Kerry further added on Saturday that he was optimistic of clinching a deal any time, but admitted some gaps still persisted between the two sides. He tried to quell the anguish against the negotiations between Iran and U.S-led world powers by saying that Iran claimed its nuclear programme to be peaceful, and we could believe Iran on this issue. He added that 2013 election in Iran which resulted in the election of President Hassan Rouhani at the helm of affairs brought substantial changes in the attitude of the Iranian government, and it facilitated negotiations on nuclear issue.