The White House stated that it is really a distress that the high court of Malaysia has accused an opposition party leader and sentenced him five years of prison on last Tuesday. Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan claimed that the prosecution against Anwar Ibrahim raised voice about the law rules and impartiality of the Malaysian judicial system. He was charged for sodomy in a case. In Malaysia, sodomy is considered to be illegal in Muslim majority country while the accused may sentence to jail for even 20 years. In case of Anwar, it is really doubtful that whether it is a political move or something else.

Anwar’s case is undoubtedly believed both in Malaysia and other parts of the world, to be a political effort of elimination of strong threats to the ruling party. Indeed Anwar (67 year old) is a famous opposition figure and his voice has surely been a threat to the Prime Minister Najib Razak. Last year in December, Obama has visited Malaysia and played golf with Najib while both were in a vacation in Hawaii.

US Felt Down with the Verdict of Anwar – Opposition Leader in Malaysia

Meehan claimed that United States is really committed to maintain a good relationship with Malaysia and requested the government to look into this matter in a fair manner. Now the point is whether Malaysian government would like to reconsider this case or they will remain silent in this manner.
Anwar has always declined the claim but an appeal court reversed the verdict on March last year. Anwars’ final appeal dismissed on Tuesday while Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria claimed that there was strong evidence of sodomy against him.