The junior biochemistry major and 6 foot, 6 inch, 300-pound starting offensive lineman for the Wildcats is set to miss three games as he donates bone marrow to a 65-year-old suffering from a blood disorder.

“It’s cool being able to save someone’s life by doing so little on my part,” Prus told this month before he had the procedure on Sept. 10.

“My job last year was actually convincing the people who weren’t sure about doing it to do it. In a way, I convinced myself to do it while I was doing it all”

– Jake Prus
Prus, who said he wants to be a physician, signed up for the bone-marrow registry during his freshman year at the Pennsylvania university. Head coach Andy Talley encourages each of his first-year players to sign up for the registry, though just one in 540 people who sign up end up as a match, according to Only four Villanova players, including Prus, have been matches during the past 20 years, reported.

via Villanova athlete Jake Prus to miss three games over bone marrow donation | Fox News.

I’m on the registry since donating, and there’s very little pain to it, just walking around AFTER the procedure, with a big dressing on my right ham.

I was worried about embarrassment of wearing that big bulge, but when no one mentioned it, I knew I had to lose weight! (Snicker, snicker)



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