Warren Buffet’s annual letter – Warren Buffet, the 3rd richest person in the world, made himself part of the presidential campaign (U.S) 2016 by criticizing Donald Trump, who is the frontrunner of this campaign. Supporter of the Hillary Clinton, Buffet using a letter, went on by raising the issue of the climate change and referring it to be the major problem of this planet.

A huge part of the letter was all about his idea of defending the 3G Capital which is a Brazilian firm, to answer the questions raised by a lot of shareholders regarding the Buffet and 3G’s compatibility. A total of 51% of the Kraft Heinz Co is owned by the Berkshire. According to Buffet, 3G is one of the most successful ventures and there is hope for more.

Warren Buffett Alludes to Buzzkilling Politicians In Annual Letter

Buffet also addressed his concerns about the climate change and called it to be one of the biggest problems if you are not a shareholder of some big insurer.

There was no mention of the decrease in oil prices but the annual report of the Berkshire indicated that the decreased oil prices will affect the overall profile of the BNSF in 2016.
Buffet also answered the rumors of him selling his stock in IBM and cleared that despite the loss he has to bear, he do not aim to sell his stocks.

Warren Buffett released his annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) Saturday morning. Every year it is one of the most widely read documents in the business world for the smart, funny and sometimes controversial insights from the Oracle of Omaha. Here are the seven things everyone will be talking about from this year’s letter:

(1) Berkshire had a good 2015, despite what the stock did

In a flat 2015 market, Berkshire fell about 12%, its worst decline since 2008. Buffett focused on the company’s 6.4% gain in book value — the financial metric that he’s always used as an indicator of his conglomerate’s progress. Even though this was below the 13% average book value gain since the recession, it outpaced the 1.4% gain in the S&P including dividends.

Buffett reiterated his previous assertion that Berkshire will repurchase stock if the value of Berkshire trades at or below 1.2x book. Currently it is trading at about 1.3x book, which perhaps limits

Warren Buffet uses the letter to send his message 2



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