Today’s communication methods for most people revolve around sending messages through one of the many available apps, WhatsApp being one of those options. WhatsApp isn’t just a chat application though and like a few of the other offerings users can find on the Play Store, it allows for a multitude of different functions like voice calls, sending pictures, and more which are bound to pop up thanks to the launch of a beta version in the Play Store where WhatsApp likely plans to test out new features. In the most recent update, WhatsApp has just introduced a feature that users have apparently been asking for for quite some time, the ability to send documents back and forth between contacts in chats, and since the update is already rolling out there is a good chance you may already have the feature enabled if your apps are set to auto update.

WhatsApp Update Introduces Document Send FeatureHaving said that, not all users will have the ability to send documents just yet, but those that have gotten the update already should see the “documents” option pop up when they hit the button to send an attachment, which at the moment is limited to sending PDF files but should open up with more document types once the feature has been introduced to all users. It’s also worth noting that some users with the latest application version don’t show the document button appearing when they tap to send an attachment, which could mean there is a bug keeping some users from seeing it or more likely it is probably just a feature that shows up after something is turned on server side.

Alongside the document send feature there are also other new changes for users to look out for. One of those which is likely to be the most noticeable is the ability to send over 100 new Emojis. For plenty of users this will be a huge benefit as Emojis seem to now be a common part of communication with messages. In addition to that, Google Drive backup is also now supported so users can backup their WhatsApp chats to Drive and save any important details they may need or want, also making it easy to restore those chats to a new device if needed. WhatsApp also now supports the more granular permissions control from Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it supports new languages including Tagalog, Kazakh, Marathi, Uzbek, and Malayalam.