“Painting is my world and I like to share it with you…” Bob Ross

What is Bob Ross Wet in Wet Technique®?

No matter if you have not painted before, or if you are already a hobby painter, get to know the Wet in Wet technique developed by Bob Ross and experience the wonderful feeling of having created a work of art in a short time.

How does the “wet in wet technique®” work?

In classical oil painting, the individual layers of paint are applied in succession, often with dry periods lasting several days. In contrast to this, in Wet in Wet Technique, the colors are laid one on top of the other layer by layer, still wet. The colors glide over the canvas with special oil paints that are tailored to this painting technique. With the help of brush or paint knife countless beautiful shades and interesting color gradients are created.
This type of painting technique allows you to create a beautiful painting within a short time. And you too can realize your painting dreams and learn to paint realistic landscapes and flowers in a short time.


Who is Bob Ross?

Bob Ross, maybe you have already seen him – on television – the young man with the Wuschelkopf, who succeeds in capturing a magical landscape on the screen in only 30 minutes. It creates happy clouds, magical mountains, lakes and trees that can never be alone. All of this is done with a paintbrush that looks as if you can paint the living room with it. And again and again Bob Ross emphasizes: “You can do that!”, Even if you have never worked with a brush before.

Bob Ross began painting at the young age of 18. At that time he was stationed with the Air Force in Alaska. To further develop his painting technique, he attends courses at universities and painting schools. Inspired by Bill Alexander, he developed his unique and fast Bob Ross wet in wet technique.
Since 1981, after leaving the army, Bob Ross toured the US and taught his unique painting method to countless amateur artists. This is how Annette Kowalski, his future business partner, meets him. Together, you found the Bob Ross Company.
In 1982 he created the first “Joy of Painting” television show. With the opinion “everyone can paint” and his friendly and pleasant way he manages to build a large circle of interested parties in his numerous television broadcasts. Today, 25 years and 400 shows later, “Joy of Painting” is the most popular, most watched art show on television. (see BR-Alpha)

One of his best friends was Annette Kowalski. Annette Kowalski developed his painting technique to paint flowers. She has written many books such as “The Joy of Painting ““And” joy of painting “.

In 1995 Bob Ross died at the age of 52. His painting technique and his 33 television series, however, still inspire people around the world.