Why skin experts recommend changing your pillowcase weekly

silk pillowcase

Despite trying everything for your skin, does your skin not seem to show results? Well, there could be something that you may be missing out on. Wondering what? Relax, we are here to tell you just that. Noted cosmetologist and skincare specialist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta recently shared a post on Instagram highlighting the small yet important hygiene changes we should make when it comes to taking care of our skin. And the top thing on the list was changing your pillowcases every week.

“You’ll be shocked to see the change in your skin once you start changing your pillowcases often! If you are not aware of this clear skin hack then chances are you’ve been sleeping with dead skin cells and bacteria. Gross right? Changing your pillowcase once a week is best for your skin. And what about actual pillows? Well, you should wash or dry clean them every six months,” she said in her post.

The post also featured a diagram that depicted how our pillowcases can carry many harmful elements such as dust mites, pet hair, oil, dead skin, debris, and bacteria. All these can cause our skin to break out. So even if you religiously follow your skincare routine, this is what may be causing harm and rendering all your many steps ineffective.

She also highlighted how using silk pillowcases may lead to better skin and even aid your hair health. An article in Healthline.com cited a clinical study done in the US that found a reduced number of pimples for people who used silk bedding, compared to those who used cotton bedding. The study stated that this may be because silk is gentler and smoother on the skin as compared to other fabrics. Also, it absorbs less oil from our face, as opposed to cotton which is more absorbent.

Adding, Dr Renita Rajan, Chief Consultant Dermatologist, RENDER Skin and Hair, Chennai, told indianexpress.com, “Changing pillowcases is a good thing, as a matter of hygiene overall as we sweat and our sebum comes in contact with the cases. So, just like how we would change our clothes, pillowcases would need to be changed too. Once a week is usually enough. However, if you have a lot of inflammatory acne and you have pustules on the face, you may want to change the pillowcase twice to thrice weekly for better hygiene. Same thing when you have a lot of dandruff as well.”

Changing your pillowcase once a week is best for your skin. (Source: Pixabay)

But it’s not just pillowcases! Dr Geetika went on to list other household things that could carry harmful particles without our knowledge. Bedsheets, makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and towels are some things that should be washed regularly. Beauty products, especially, can often be neglected when it comes to cleaning.

“These beauty hygiene habits can prevent pimples, inflamed skin, and eczema flare-ups,” she summed up.

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