The company will also launch figures from the Mystery Minis line

If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts and you love collecting figures, we have excellent news. Before the end of the year Funko will launch new articles in the series, in particular will arrive more figures of the series Funko Pop !, as well as some others of Mystery Minis. The new collectibles will be part of season 2 of figures of this franchise and will be available sometime this winter.

The new line includes the Keyblade Sora, as well as Kairi and Riku. Also, on the part of the villains, there will be 2 Shadow Heartless models. One will be the regular version, while the other will have the extra shine. Also, there will be a Funko of the final form of Sora; however, that item will be exclusive to Best Buy. On the other hand, the Brave version of the protagonist will only be available in Toys “R” Us.

There will be new Funko Pop! from Kingdom Hearts

If all these figures are not enough for you, you might be interested in the Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis. In this line will be a great diversity of personages, including Mickey, Roxas, Axel and Riku with their respective clothes of the Organization XIII.

Chip and Dale, Goofy, Donald and other characters could not be left behind, so you will also find them in this line. Then I leave you a gallery with the images of all the figures that will be available later this year.