Xiaomi has introduced its own smart speaker as an alternative to Amazon Echo with design, performance and unbeatable price. The problem: you will not leave the Asian borders.

Xiaomi continues the struggle for a connected home in a somewhat peculiar way: no big announcements, but with more than decent products if we consider the market segment in which the company moves. Yes, they do not usually leave China, but they are often the flag with which white label manufacturers end up bringing many of their products to the western markets. The only thing the company lacks is that: an internalization that goes beyond its line of smartphones and that carries its range of connected home beyond its borders.

The Xiaomi alternative to Amazon Echo is unbeatable in design and price

The latest of the Chinese manufacturer, as it could not be otherwise, is a smart speaker with which, again and in its way, aims to be an alternative to the current proposals of Google and Amazon for its ecosystem: a design far above which offer both technological giants, own technology, and a very complicated price to overcome. Just $ 50 at the current rate; all, in addition, integrated with the rest of products of the company.

The device, following the line of Xiaomi, has received the name of My AI Speaker will be on sale in December, and works with a new assistant based on artificial intelligence, which recently also landed on the operating system MIUI, the variant of Android that uses Xiaomi in its terminals. It can be used as a hub to control the rest of Xiaomi products and their partners (without specifying which ones). And it will have additional reproducible content like music, audio books or the classic radio.

Logically, no plans to bring it to the West officially, that is to say beyond the resellers and with official support of languages ??and guarantees, but surely sooner or later we end up seeing it outside the Chinese markets, albeit unofficially.