The company forces YouTubers to enter the monetization program if they want to continue placing links in the video that point to their Patreon.

YouTube brings back to the table the problems surrounding the monetization policy of many channels. After the changes in the qualification of them, and therefore, in the way in which the creators of content can generate income of its videos, many YouTubers of contents somewhat controversial, for example of violent videojuegos, watched as their monetization fell in chopped And what did many do? They came to Patreon, the micro-sponsorship platform that allows these creators to recover part of that loss, and in the process eliminate monetization on YouTube with a form of “revenge.”

YouTube declares war on Patreon

Well, now YouTube wants to put a stop to this practice, directly attacking part of this new business model, since the company is forcing content creators, who use Patreon, to join the monetization program to allow the placing links to their Patreons at the end of videos uploaded to YouTube, while increasing the requirement to have at least 10,000 views before that option is available.

As several users who combine YouTube with Patreon have revealed, the video platform asks creators to join the YouTube Partner Program to assess the validity of the channel and determine if the channel follows community guidelines and policies. advertisers, so that the company can evaluate if they accept the inclusion of links at the end of the videos that point to Patreon.

In this way, and from now on, for YouTube to offer a video end-card that targets platforms like Patreon, YouTubers should join the YouTube partnership program. Either everyone wins, or no one wins.