The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, was lately awarded the first-ever Axel Springer Award by German publishing home Axel Springer SE – the owner of publications like Bild and Die Welt. Whilst in Berlin to obtain the award, Mr. Zuckerberg sat down using the chief executive from the business, Mr. Mathias Döpfner, for an exclusive interview. Via the course from the interview, the Facebook CEO answered concerns on a wide selection of subjects ranging from his impressions from the company atmosphere in Berlin towards the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe, however the conversation ultimately turned to artificial intelligence (AI), Oculus Rift and obviously, the future of Facebook.

Whilst Mr. Zuckerberg expressed optimism that virtual reality will turn out to be much more mainstream within the future, he produced it extremely clear that he does not anticipate that to occur anytime quickly. Based on him, “Virtual Reality is going to become an essential technologies. I’m fairly confident about this”. Nevertheless, it may take something in between five years to 20 years for the technologies to turn out to be mainstream, in his opinion. It’s worth mentioning right here that Facebook will be the owner of Oculus VR, the American tech startup that’s behind the a lot talked-about VR headset – the Oculus Rift, which went on pre-order back in early January and can reportedly begin shipping in the 28th of this month.

Asked about why he thinks VR will probably be large company within the future, The Zuck replied, “People will usually want much more immersive methods to express themselves. In the future, I believe you will wish to capture a entire scene, a space, to become in a position to transport to that. To become in a position to stream what you’re performing reside and have individuals have the ability to interact in that space”. He also dismissed any suggestion that VR is encouraging unsocial tendencies amongst kids. Based on him, “The precise opposite will be the case. … I believe individuals have a tendency to be worried about each new technologies that comes along. Critics be concerned that if we invest time paying interest to that new type of media or technologies rather than speaking to one another that that’s somehow isolating. But humans are fundamentally social. So I believe in reality, if a technologies does not really assist us socially comprehend one another much better, it is not going to catch on and succeed”.

Mr. Zuckerberg also spoke at length about artificial intelligence (AI), and sought to dispel any notion that human civilization as we know it these days might someday be below the threat of a concerted attack by robots guided by AI, along the lines of sci-fi films like ‘I, Robot’, say for example. Based on him, the issues expressed by Tesla founder, Mr. Elon Musk, is much more “hysterical” than reality and “unless we truly mess some thing up”, machines will continue serving humans, with out the tables becoming turned any time quickly. Interestingly, Mr. Zuckerberg also revealed that he continues to create code as a way of “staying in touch using the state from the technology”, although he admitted to possess stopped coding for Facebook a lengthy time back.

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